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Milk collection
Milk collection: Every day, a truck with tanker collects the milk direct from farms, carefully chosen by the company based on the quality of milk, even at this early stage you make the initial checks, in fact, before the milk enters the tank in , the monitoring of its acidity, and other important values.
Storage: Milk, arrived in our facility, is filtered and then discharged into the silos in stainless steel, to ensure hygiene. These silos are connected to a cold water system, which maintains the freshness of milk.
Pasteurization: The next day arrival, the milk is transferred to the pasteurizer, which quickly raises the temperature of the milk, set it free from bacteria.
Graft and clot
Graft and clot: Pasteurized milk is transferred in special containers, called "polivalente", whose function is to mix the milk, in this process are added to any milk enzymes, rennet and calcium chloride.
Forming: The clot formed is unloaded and, depending on the product that you want to get, add any spices (pepper, red pepper, pistachios, chives, etc. ..). The final product is poured into forms, such as molds, or handmade.
Salting: The cheese obtained is placed in brine, where they remain for a period of time, depending on size.
Seasoning: The cheese came out of the brine is placed in shelves suitable for seasoning, which maintain the best health conditions, first for drying, and later for the seasoning, if any. cerca
Packaging: Before the product arrives at your table, is packed with the technique of vacuum, which protects it from moisture and bacteria.
Sale: For businesses, a representative shall deliver directly, using one of our vans, as all our production processes, carefully follow the hygiene rules currently in force. This medium is equipped with cold storage for keeping as the fresh product during transport.
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