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Cheese and dairy products, an experience of 9000 years.
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Cheese and dairy products, an experience of 9000 years.

It is recently discovered, in the depths of the Mediterranean, 500 earthenware pots inside which were found traces of milk and fat. These tracks were then compared with the analyzes of animal bones found during the excavations in 82 sites, and dating back to the period between the seventh and fifth centuries BC in the northern Mediterranean. From this comparison, it was established that already at that time, were carried out activities of production of dairy and meat slaughter.

In the Neolithic period, the population was unable to digest milk, and therefore, the population used the milk processing process cheese or yogurt, to eliminate lactose and make it more digestible product.

The research was conducted by Cynthianne Spiteri, University of York, and the results of that study were published in the journal of the American Sciences (PNAS).

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