The shipping is FREE with a minimum cost of 100 EUR on the whole national territory, under this range the contribution for shipping is only 10 EUR. The shipping is FREE, even for smaller amounts, only in Belmonte Mezzagno, Misilmeri, Villabate and Palermo (Italy).

In all the above mentioned cases, the minimum order to be able to make a shipment is 35 EUR.

The order usually takes place the day after purchase if you choose as your payment method "Credit Card, Paypal or cash on delivery", the day after receipt of payment if you choose "Bank Transfer". For the withdrawal of our products you can choose the service they prefer from those available, you can also pick up the goods at our dairy farm in person or by person / shipper delegates at no additional cost.

Delivery times vary depending on the service chosen. With express delivery the time of receipt of the goods after the order is 24-72 hours to all destinations of the country.

The packaging is a key step for our company, in fact, our mission is to send you our treats intact and maintaining the cold chain intact throughout the duration of transport. To ensure this, we use polystyrene insulated packaging and dry ice.

For deliveries in the town of Belmonte Mezzagno, Misilmeri, Villabate Palermo, it will be carried FREE from Monday to Friday (except holidays closures) directly with our midst refrigerator, suitable for the transport of temperature-controlled foods.

For deliveries in the rest of Italy, your products will be sent by courier and given the perishable nature of the cheese, in order to maintain the integrity of your product and also to prevent your shipment remains firm in courier warehouses (Saturday and Sunday do not they deliver), the parcels will be sent on Monday and Tuesday, according to the rules below:

  • Monday for payments of orders received between Tuesday and Friday
  • Tuesday for payments of orders received between Saturday and Monday (before 13.00)
  • Monday following, for payments received on Monday after 13.00.

If you choose to entrust to a courier for your purchase, we will provide a link to track your package online.

The shipping costs include the costs of running and packaging, postage and a possible tax if you choose to pay on delivery. Management costs and shipping are fixed. We advise you to group your items in one order. We can not group two distinct orders placed separately, so the shipping costs will be charged for each of them. Your package will be sent at your own risk.

Boxes are sized appropriately large and your articles are well-protected.

The cheese is handmade. For this reason, the variability in weight of the products, in particular those to cutting, is physiological. In the product page, we highlight the average weight indicative of the pack in stock when ordering. The actual weight of the product that will be sent may be slightly different in defect or in excess of the weight stated in the information document.

We recommend that you notify us of a shipping address where someone is present at the time of delivery, in order to avoid delays in delivery and inventory at the courier warehouse.

Being CHECKOUT, to facilitate the operations of delivery, Please check that data such as address (including house number) and phone numbers are correct. It is preferable that the communication of a mobile phone number, to facilitate any communication of information relating to the order or delivery.

In case of problems in the shipment, to help us solve in your favor any unpleasant situations, we invite you to always accept the parcel by courier "INSPECTION", indicating in the consignment as well as the words "control reserve" also because of reserves, to example damaged box, opened box, bruised box, wet box, destroyed box, pinched box, etc. This is crucial in order to open complaint against the courier and obtain immediate damages.

In case of any problems on receipt of the parcel also Please write immediately so you can thus open the practice with the courier.