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PRODUCT NAME: Mandarino smoked
INGREDIENTS: pasteurized cow's milk, rennet, ferments, salt
SIZE: Kg. 3 - 3,5 - 4
NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Edible part: 100 g
Kcal: 340
Animal protein: 22 g
Vegetable protein: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 1,0 g
Fat: 27 g
Fibers: 2,1 g
Iron: 1160 mg
Calcium: 1160 mg
Vitamin C: 0 mg

Suggested recipes for this product:

"Squid stuffed with smoked provola and yogurt"

INGREDIENTS: 1 kg of squid
Red onion
Olive taggiasche
1 large clump of prickly lettuce
100 gr. of smoked provola
1 spoonful of greek yoghurt
200 gr. di pomodori ciliegino
Extra virgin olive oil

PREPARATION: Blanch the escarole and toss in pan with the onion stew, pine nuts and raisins previously soaked in warm water. Combine the mixture cooled the provola minced and yogurt.
Fill the squid and fix the head and claws with a toothpick.
Dry, flour and fry in deep fat.
To prepare the sauce, put in a cold pan one clove of crushed garlic with the shirt directly into the pan, olive oil, tomatoes split in half and basil (reserving a few leaves to be added at the last moment). Cook (10 'approx).
Serve the squid with tomato fondue.
In the event that you would not fry the squid you can also cook them in sauce or better yet put it first on the grid and then finish them in the sauce.
Squid stuffed with smoked provola and yogurt
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